Though Bridgescout® was developed and produced with the greatest possible care and to the latest standards with regards to technology and software, human attentiveness and professionalism remain key when passing bridges. Bridgescout® is there to help, but it does not guarantee collision prevention. From the ship’s position, Bridgescout® measures in a forward direction the distance to and the height of any object registered in the database. Bridgescout® alerts if the bridge is lower than the height of Bridgescout® itself. The system will not sound a warning if the ship approaches an obstacle while sailing backwards. The system does not account for the length of the ship or objects located above the position of Bridgescout® (i.e. a mast or antenna). The performance of Bridgescout® may be affected by poor sight, circumstances such as weather, temperature, obstacles in between Bridgescout® and a bridge, faulty installation, poor maintenance, damage/defect or contamination or condensation of the glass. We always strive to keep our object database up to date. But we are in part dependent on your information as you travel the waters, to make sure that happens. Check the system regularly by letting it generate an alarm. Extra alert required.