Bridge height detection to improve the safety of your vessel

Collisions with bridges, due to a too high wheelhouse, occur multiple times per year with all related consequences. One of the aims of Bridgescout BV is to reduce the number of collisions. To increase the safety and efficiency of your vessel, Bridgescout® not only protects your vessel, but also your freight and personnel.


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Bridgescout® is a bridge height detection system

If the wheelhouse is too high and Bridgescout® detects insufficient clearance, the system sets off an alarm. The captain is instructed to lower the wheelhouse until there is enough clearance for the vessel to pass through. This prevents a potential collision.

The panel in the wheelhouse lights up within 500 meters of an object (blue screen). At that time the Bridgescout® system is already notifying the captain of an approaching object. Alertness is a vital part of collision prevention. When 300 meters away, Bridgescout® can generate a notification. In the case of insufficient clearance height, the panel in the wheelhouse responds (red screen) and an (acoustic) alarm sounds. The captain is instructed to lower the wheelhouse. Bridgescout® provides support at critical moments, for example at night or in poor visibility. In the case of sufficient clearance height, Bridgescout® notifies the captain as well. The margin between the wheelhouse (Bridgescout® sensor) and the object can be adjusted to the preferences of the captain. Bridgescout® makes real time measurements to assess clearance heights and is therefore not reliant on circumstances as, for example, deviating heights or water levels.

Specialized in bridge height detection

Bridgescout BV is a company specialized in bridge height detection. Based on the latest technological and innovative developments, Bridgescout BV endeavours to increase safety for inland shipping. The company is part of the Sensor Groep, a company with more than 25 years of knowledge and experience in sensor solutions. Based in the Netherlands, Bridgescout BV is a developer and manufacturer of the bridge height detection system called Bridgescout®.


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